Research Projects

Exploring the Possibilities: Using iPads to Enhance Teaching and Learning Three year investigation on teacher and preservice teacher decision making when implementing various apps during tutoring sessions.

LRA Video for Assessing Teacher Knowledge and Reading Assessment and Instruction
Subgroup of the LRA Reading Clinic/Literacy Lab Study Group (2011-present). Bowers, E., McAndrews, S., Msengi, S. Ryan, T., Stevens, N., Tysseling, L.A., Vazzano, J., & Zimmerman, B. A national team of reading education researchers is exploring the development of an authentic assessment to measure reading teacher/specialist candidates’ abilities to use assessment to plan instruction.

LRA Video for Teacher Reflection Subgroup of the LRA Reading Clinic/Literacy Lab study group (2011-present). Bower, E., Cobb, J., Gurvitz, D., Laster, B., Vassano, J., & Ryan, T. A national team of reading education researchers is exploring how video and other technologies are being used in reading clinics across multiple sites to enhance teacher reflection and if the video enhances teacher reflection.

Transfer and Transformation: What Reading Clinic/Literacy Lab Graduates’ Current Practices and Contexts Mean for Clinic/Lab Instruction
2010 National Reading Council Clinic Research (2010-present)Deeney, T., Dozier, C., Laster, B., Applegate, M. D., Cobb, J., Dubert, L., Eeg, M., Gaunty-Porter, D., Gurvitz, D., McAndrews, S., Milby, T., Morewood, A., Ryan, T., Sargent, S., & Swanson, M. A national study that investigates how teacher training in a reading lab/clinic transfers and transforms practice to a school setting.

Walk Talk Words: Fostering Urban Children’s Vocabulary Development
Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, FL (2010-present) Ryan, T. Using a formative experiment design, this study collaborated with a Boys and Girls Club to investigate ways to accelerate urban children’s tier 2 vocabulary through digital technologies and thematic, hands-on events.